Landscape Architecture & Design

The Process

There are several stages to creating and delivering your new garden design.  These necessary steps ensure you we deliver the outdoor garden of your dreams, and one, which ultimately compliments your lifestyle, how you live and the space you live in.

Client Meeting

1From the earliest design stages to final construction, we aim to establish and maintain clear and continual lines of communication throughout the project.



Site Survey



Landscape design works best when it accommodates all uses of a piece of land. Accurate surveying allows the design to incorporate existing characteristics of the space as well as human traffic and other items that must be retained in the final design.

When completing a site survey we note the following:


  • On-site measure
  • Photo record
  • Levels and services check
  • Architectural features
  • Statutory and municipal considerations

Site Analysis


The site analysis helps us understand issues specific to the property and how they can be best used to create a functional and enjoyable outdoor living space. Through this step, we assess optimum views of the house’s exterior, as well as views from inside the home. We also consider views you have of your neighbouring properties and vice versa. The site analysis includes important items that are addressed in creating an overall landscape design.

Through the site analysis we review the:

  • Client requirements
  • Opportunities and constraints
  • Views/aspect/circulation

Schematic Sketch Design



The information gathered from the site survey and analysis is used to generate a schematic plan. This plan is a drawing showing the building, hardscapes and topography of the site with proposed solutions. It can be evaluated so that changes can be made to arrive at the final plan.


The steps involved in creating a schematic plan are:

  • Conceive concept scheme
  • Freehand graphic scale plan (1:50/1:100/1:200)
  • Areas of general layout
  • Notional levels
  • Present for review and feedback
  • Budget costing considerations and construction staging options

Design Development


Upon approval of the schematic design, computer drafted plan/s (CAD drawing) are created which show the layout of plantings and hardscapes as well as listings of plant materials, sizes, quantities and specifications on hardscapes etc.

The design development includes the overall detailed resolution which covers:

          • Nominated finish list
          • Lighting layout
          • Planting design

Once agreed on the final plan CDP can either prepare an itemised construction quote for consideration or where a full landscape architectural and garden design consultant service is requested, CDP can provide Detail Documentation & Contract Administration

Detail Documentation & Contract Administration



CDP can provide the full consultant service in much the same way architects do for house design, where the works are competitively tendered for construction. To ensure the costing process is thorough, CDP will provide all the necessary documentation for this happen.


1. Detail Documentation

  • Proceed with detailing the approved landscape design works to produce working drawings for construction
  • Setout plan and dimensioning
  • Elevation and sections
  • Structure details
  • Opinion of probable cost

2. Tender Preparation & Evaluation

  • Prepare contract documentation
  • Prepare and distribute tender documentation
  • Provide tender review and assessment
  • Tender recommendations

3. Contract Administration

  • Carry out contract administration during construction
  • Provide instructions to clarify contract documentation
  • Undertake periodic site inspections
  • Check work in progress regarding design quality control, material selection and performance as described in the contract documents
  • Prepare minutes of site meetings/inspections.(allowance for 6 site meetings)
  • Review and approve claims
  • Practical completion inspection and prepare defects report

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Next Steps ?

Many of our clients prefer to have their garden landscape implemented and project managed from beginning to end.  Our fully integrated Construction & Project Management service takes away the angst, frustration as well as expense from a financial and time perspective of having to do it all yourself.

CDP has a reputation for delivering quality and that is because we only work with quality products and quality tradespeople and we’ve built our reputation for over 30 years.